Handyman Honolulu | Who Can Install My Mailbox?

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Are you looking for quality handyman Honolulu services? If so TubaFour Handyman can help because of the breadth of construction knowledge gained over the past 18 years. Installing a residential mailbox is one of the many tasks we can do. This article provides some basic information about the residential mailbox. Before you start looking for a new mailbox, you need to figure out the type of mailbox that is actually needed. There are four kinds of residential mailboxes. These include post mounts, column mounts, wall mounts, and multi-mounts. The most popular ones are generally the post mount and wall mount. There are several features of a mailbox to consider, as such that the mailbox will work and function the way you need it to. Some features to consider when deciding on a mailbox would be security, signal flags, and an address plaque.

After the fundamental features are out of the way, you can start looking at different styles. First thing’s first, make sure that the selected mailbox matches the style of your home. If your home has a whimsical appeal, but your mailbox gives off a gothic vibe, you’re probably not choosing the most ideal style. Because the mailbox is an extension of your home, the neighborhood needs to understand this.

Once you are finished matching up the mailbox style with your house, time to pick a color. The color decided upon should match the color of your house. But whatever color makes you happy is fine. Remember, this mailbox should last many years, so try to make it one that you would be proud to show off to the neighbors and the mail carrier.

The material chosen is important as well. The selected option will affect the overall durability of the mailbox. Materials included such as plastic, aluminum, or even stainless steel. Choose the material that will best meet your needs.

Installing a mailbox is a fun and easy do it yourself task. However, this handyman Honolulu company can help with this task too. Choices include the standard post-mounted mailboxes that line up with the sidewalk and increase curb appeal. Another choice is a wall-mounted mailbox that can be installed right next to the front door. Whatever is selected, you’re sure to find something that suits you perfectly. And this handyman Honolulu company can help you along the way.

The United States Postal Service states that a mailbox cannot be taller than 45 inches above street level. Since most streets have a curb, the standard mailbox height is roughly 42 inches above ground level. So the total height is about 45 inches, with 42 inches from the ground, on top of the extra few inches added by the curb. Begin by measuring the height of the mailbox, and make sure the height of the mailbox is between 41 to 45 inches above the surface of the road. After that, mark an ‘X’ on the ground that is six to eight inches back from the curb. Dig until the mailbox’s height above the ground is 42 inches, but don’t dig any deeper than 24 inches, to meet the 45 inches above street level limit.

The mailbox also needs to meet Federal Highway Administration recommendations. These recommendations can be met by making sure the mailbox has a stable post that is malleable enough to bend or fall somewhere to the side if hit by a car. This means supports made with materials that do not yield, such as concrete or metal should not be used. Instead, use wooden supports or an aluminum pipe.

Next insert the mailbox post into the hole by propping up the post by surrounding the post with support beams on all of the sides. These beams need to be secure so that once the concrete is poured, it will not shift. Make sure that the post isn’t buried deeper than 24 inches and use a level to ensure that the post is as straight as possible. If the mailbox post comes with instructions, check and make sure you are following all of the steps correctly.

Now pour the concrete into the hole and around the post. Be sure to leave a couple inches of space at the top of the hole. In other words, don’t fill the concrete up to ground level. After pouring in the concrete, use the level to make sure the mailbox is straight, that adjustments can be made before the concrete sets in. Then the concrete needs time to dry, although the length of time this takes depends on what kind of concrete was selected for this project. The label for the concrete can give you more information. The support beams should stay in place until you are completely certain that the concrete has set. If any of this sounds overwhelming, this handyman Honolulu company is just a call away.

There should be installation instructions with the mailbox unit. Depending on the model, the instructions for the mounting brackets will differ. Still, take this time to check that the inside of the mailbox is level.

The mailbox address needs to clearly match the house number that it corresponds with, as according to United States Postal Service requirements. The street address or house number needs to be at a minimum of one inch tall and should be placed on the side of the mailbox. You may want to double-check that your mailbox follows all United States Postal Service standards. Speaking of standards, this handyman Honolulu company brings high standards of quality to every job.

To make your mailbox look even better, fill the leftover inches from the concrete hole with soil, and turn the mailbox area into a small garden. Don’t forget to regularly check the mailbox to make sure it’s still holding up against the elements and normal deterioration such as rust and loose hinges. If the numbers on the mailbox have disappeared or faded, immediately fix this issue.

Picking out a mailbox that suits your needs and then installing it is a fun process that will certainly get your creative juices flowing. With some effort, you will have a mailbox that can last quite a while. If you need a little help with any of the installation, contact this handyman Honolulu company today at 808-379-3992. We look forward to earning your business for a long time.