Handyman Honolulu | What Can Be Pressure Washed?

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Are you looking for a handyman Honolulu company that provides the best in customer service, then look no further than TubaFour Handyman. We work hard to ensure that you receive the best customer service. We strive to provide high quality handyman Honolulu service. An example is pressure washing. Let’s begin with what is a pressure washer? A pressure washer is a motor that powers a pump. It increases the water pressure coming from a household garden hose, just like the one pictured above. The pressure of the water that comes out is measured in pounds per square inch. This is called PSI. The more pressure per square inch, the greater the force of water.

Types of Pressure Washers

Gasoline powered pressure washers are usually used for large decks, siding, and many other large areas. It quickly rids areas of gum, tough stains, and sap. The gasoline powered washer pumps out 2,000 to 2,800 pounds of pressure per square inch. This type cleans dirty concrete areas three times as fast as an electric power washer.

Some disadvantages of gasoline powered washers are noise, weigh more, are pull starting only, and you need to mix your fuel. They also need regular tune-ups. A gasoline powered washer can also harm wood and soft surfaces faster.

Another type of pressure washer is an electric powered. These are used for small patios, furniture, and decks. They take care of stain removal and light-duty cleaning jobs. They are light in weight, quiet, and require minimal upkeep. They also do not create any exhaust emissions. They are started and stopped with a trigger and can be stored indoors.

A feature of pressure washers are soap tanks. This makes using a pressure washer easier. An advantage is that a separate container is not needed. Wheels for heavier washers are a plus, as are the cord and tool storage areas on some models. A nice convenience is to have an adjustable nozzle rather than a replaceable nozzle. Just a twist on the adjustable nozzle changes the width or pressure of the spray. Replaceable nozzles have the advantage of allowing specific spray angles and provides a broader spray area.

Safety Considerations When Using a Power Washer

A power washer has extremely strong water pressure coming out. If a person is hit with the spray it can cause wounds on the skin. Safety goggles and close toe shoes should be worn and we bring our own with this handyman Honolulu company. With gas models, hearing protection may be needed. Rubber-soled shoes also work great.

The spray from the power washer is so strong that it can move objects around and injure people who may be standing close by. Never point the pressure washer at yourself or anyone else. Do not attempt to move or push items around with your pressure washer. Keep children away when operating the pressure washer. Children should be kept at a safe distance when using the pressure washer.

Follow all manufacture safety instructions to avoid injury such as electric shock. Be very careful when using solid-stream settings and nozzles. This can cause the most harm to a person or object.

Make sure to test the ground fault outlet or circuit breaker before using a pressure washer. If an extension cord is needed, use a heavy-duty extension cord that has the right components rated for use in wet locations. Do not ever splice or cut the cords of a pressure washer or extension cord. Do not ever remove the grounding prong on the pressure washer or extension cord. Keep the power cord connection from the pressure washer out of all standing water. Both the extension and power cord need to be kept away from water running off of the items being washed.

Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer

Stubborn stains and grime come off easily when using a pressure washer. There is no need to scrub and waste your energy or time. Save personal time and energy by leaving it to this handyman Honolulu company. Pressure washing is easy for most people and it saves your back and joints from pain. It is also a lot quicker to pressure wash away all the stains.

Pressure washing areas of the home such as driveway, walkways, and decks, bring curb appeal to your home. It also keeps your property looking nice and welcomes your guests. There are biodegradable solutions for pressure washers. The high pressure of the water is what removes the stains along with  a cleaning solution.

What Can Be Pressure Washed?

Pressure washing can be done on painted and unpainted wood, tile, vinyl, aluminum, steel, concrete, brick, stone, and shingles. Residential and businesses use pressure washing on roofs, walkways, exteriors, driveways, parking garages, pavers, parking lots, courtyards, awnings, and sidewalks. Other items to pressure wash are stairs, decks, siding, fences, lanai’s, windows, and furniture. It improves the look of the property and keeps the value of the property up.

What Kind of Cleaning Solutions Can Be Used?

A mixture of vinegar and water is an option. It is not as harsh as other solutions and works great against mildew and mold when used in a pressure washer. Using 3 parts white vinegar to 7 parts water works well.

A more aggressive approach against mold and mildew is to use a bleach solution. Bleach is great for when preparing a home or building for a new paint job. When using bleach, all shrubs and plants should be covered or watered down to cut the bleaching effect on them.

For the dirt and grime, a powdered phosphate-free laundry soap works great. Use one third cup of powdered phosphate-free laundry soap to one gallon of water. The water pressure will do all the scrubbing for you.

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