Handyman Honolulu | What Are My Flooring Options?

honolulu handyman wood floor by Digital Buggu on Pexels

If you are looking for a handyman Honolulu company, then look no further than TubaFour Handyman. We have the skills and knowledge to complete many small projects for the home or business. One aspect of a home is the floor. The floor of a house is important and different types add value to a home. When it comes to selecting flooring for a home, there are many options. Each flooring material has their own advantages and disadvantages. One flooring type maybe optimal for one owner’s needs but may not fit another. Therefore, it is good to know what the different types of flooring are, such as features and pros and cons. This article provides some basic information to homeowners about flooring.

Hardwood flooring has been around for quite a while and provides a natural look. This flooring comes in different sizes and types of wood. Such varieties as oak, maple, cherry, walnut, pine, as well as engineered wood. There are several advantages of wood flooring, as it adds to the resale value of a home. Also, it adds a great look to the house and is a long-term investment. This kind of flooring can be cleaned easily with warm water and dish soap. However, first consult the hardwood floor manufacture.
Some disadvantages to this floor type are that it can be damaged easily. A wooden floor is not suitable for all parts of the home, especially in the bathroom, laundry area and kitchen. Also, high humidity may affect the floor, causing swelling and buckling of the floor.

Laminate is another flooring type that this handyman Honolulu company can help with. We have the experience to handle this and other types of flooring. Laminate is made through a lamination process that involves pressing multiple layers of material together. Laminate is versatile and can be manufactured with any kind of wood design or any other design. This type of flooring can be installed right over the existing floor without glue or nails. It is generally less expensive than wood flooring. It is easy to clean and is not easily damaged unlike a wood floor. As with wood, if laminate gets wet the water may seep between the boards and beneath the flooring. The resale value of the home maybe less than homes with real wood floors.

Carpet is another flooring type. It has a woven backing and the material varies from wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. These different fabric types have features that are suitable for different uses. It is mainly used in the living room and bedroom. These are areas of the home where this handyman Honolulu company can help with. As such, this flooring type is easily installed, and the cost is fair. It is comfortable to walk on and makes a room feel warmer. It can be maintained easily by vacuuming. However carpet is not suitable for areas that get wet, such as the bathroom. It is also not a long-lasting flooring option, as compared to others. Allergies should also be taken into consideration, as carpet can accumulate dirt, dust, and pet dander.

Another option is ceramic tile. This flooring comes in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors, along with various material types such as glazed tiles, porcelain, terracotta and quarry tiles. Each has their own level of quality and features, so it is important to choose a suitable type. Ceramic is a long-lasting type of flooring and can fit in many areas of the home. Cleanup on this material type is fast and easy. Depending on the surface texture, some smooth tile is slippery when wet. This maybe an issue for homes with children or elderly parents. Another consideration is that ceramic tile can be expensive to install as well as difficult to repair even if only one tile is damaged.

Natural Stone is another option that gives a great natural look to a home and it is suitable for inside as well as outside the house. It is made of quality materials such as slate, travertine, granite, and marble that has been worked into different finishes and colors. Speaking of quality, we are a quality handyman Honolulu company that is perfect for small repairs around the home or business. Another feature to consider is durability. This is one of the most durable flooring types and it has a range of selections to suit many areas of the home. It adds more value to the home with the natural look. A drawback to this flooring type, is that the material is more expensive than other floor covers. Also installation is expensive and more difficult than others. Due to the uneven nature of the natural rock, it may not give a uniform look throughout the house.

Linoleum is another flooring type that is made with natural materials such as cork powder and linseed oil. Even though linoleum is sometimes seen as outdated, manufacturers have made efforts to modernize the look, and has gained popularity. It is available as sheets, tiles and laminated planks that can installed as a floating floor, meaning installed without glue or nails. With proper maintenance, this can be a long-lasting flooring option that lasts for decades. It has a wide range of various colors and styles and is relatively comfortable underfoot. It is also a great option for high traffic areas. It is also easy to clean with just a broom, mop, or vacuum.

Some considerations to linoleum are that it can be stained by spills or pets. To remedy this, the floor may need to be stripped and polished. Although the material is water resistant, standing water can damage the floor. Areas in the home that maybe prone to leaking water such as the bathroom and laundry area, may not be the best choice. Also, the color can fade over time in areas that receive direct and constant sunlight.

All the above flooring options have different benefits and drawbacks which are dependent on the purpose and needs of the room. For the homeowner, it is very important to analyze the various options and balance that with their needs, to select the most suitable option. Thanks for reading. This handyman Honolulu company would love the chance to have you as client. Call or text 808-379-3992 or visit the contact page today.