Handyman Honolulu | What Are My Door Options?

honolulu handyman room in house by Oliver Lechner on Pexels

Have you been looking everywhere for the right handyman Honolulu company? Look no further than TubaFour Handyman. We are locally owned and operated and understand the importance of the home as a place of peace and sanctuary. A step toward this is a refresh of the interior doors of a home. It is a fast and relatively economic way to achieve a change in the aesthetics and functionality of the home.

The doors, frames, and moldings offer a good representation of the style chosen in each house; modern, minimalist, rustic, etc. And on top of that, doors can improve the acoustics and thermal insulation, and save space. This article provides some basic information to homeowners about interior doors.

French or French style doors are an interesting decorative resource that has not ceased to evolve. They can be found in many styles and materials. These doors are typically composed of a body or solid structure, and glass panes to favor the passage of light. From the decorative point of view, they are an ideal option to maintain the continuity of the space even when the door is closed. They bring elegance and can be adapted to any decoration, whether classic or modern.

In modern styles, where straight lines predominate, we find mainly rectangular glass and a lot of symmetry. In rustic, country or more traditional styles, curves, and moldings are combined. The most common color used is white by far. The natural appearance of wood is always there. And for the more daring who seek to give a touch of modernity we find black.

Traditionally French doors are made of wood and the glass panes are completely transparent. Most of the time this is the case, although in order to adapt to different styles, other materials are used. Aluminum is a frequent substitute for wood, but not in all occasions. In the interior of most houses wood continues being the most used material. Not so much in exteriors, where the combination of weather resistance and little maintenance makes aluminum a favorable choice.

While these types of doors could be used in any situation, they are not always the best option. There are rooms in any house where you want to keep some more privacy, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Depending on the homeowner, the living room or kitchen maybe better suited areas of this type of door. With this it improves the lighting and feeling of spaciousness in the home. French doors are a great choice as a transition to the outside, such as stepping outside to a garden or a nice balcony. Curtains and blinds are an indispensable complement in these cases.

The barn door is another type that this handyman Honolulu company has the skills to install. Also known as a granary type sliding doors fit well in any environment, whether rustic, industrial, casual or formal. This style of door is a current trend seen in many homes. In addition, they occupy very little space, the system of assembly is simple. These door types can also be used to create areas of privacy in spaces of open concept.

The barn door is ideal for rustic decorations and show how well they can separate different environments. Rustic wood material of this door provides a good element of contrast in any decoration. The classic wood design with X reinforcement looks good even in a carpeted space. This design type can be used to separate an office from the rest of the living room or any other room. The mechanical system used by these sliding granary doors is simple but at the same time durable and effective. Enclosing a kitchen pantry is another way to use the barn door style.

The main characteristic of a saloon door is that it moves from one side to the other with just one push, and always returns to its original position. Although it is not a very usual choice, it can make certain areas of the house look more interesting. The kitchen or laundry room would benefit from this type of door, which this handyman Honolulu company can do. In addition, it is easy to install and inexpensive. The saloon door is more useful in an area of the house where there is more traffic. Since there is no handle or lock, anyone can just pass by with a push and the door comes back to its original position without any effort. Saloon doors are usually made of wood, and for indoor design it brings a fun and unique feel to a room.

The most unique aspect of pocket door is that when it is fully open, you don’t see the door, it instead “hides.” These doors work great when there is no space to install a conventional door. Another advantage is the enclosure is intended to have a minimal visual impact on the space. The space saved can be used for furniture or any element since the door is hidden inside the partition.

There are two types of pocket doors; visible sliding door, and concealed sliding door. In the first style, the door is opened by running it along the wall. In the second style, the door is hidden inside the wall by means of a system called a counter-frame. This recessed sliding door trim is a metal drawer that houses the door and allows it to be hidden inside the wall. Both styles solve a problem of space, but the recessed one also allows to free the wall through which the door runs and offers more possibilities of use. Material typically used for pocket doors is glass and wood. Metal is also seen in the interior of the home; however, this depends on the homeowner’s design style.

Louver doors are practical and lend an interesting look to the home. This type of door is comprised of wooden slats that are angled and set horizontally. The design of a louver doors allows for ventilation but keeps light to a minimum and maintains privacy. Common areas to see these doors are closets and laundry rooms, which can be installed by a handyman Honolulu company. Interior louver doors are commonly made of wood, while exterior doors can consist of metal, fiberglass, or PVC.

Whichever door you choose, this handyman Honolulu company has the right tools and knowledge to get it done. Call or text 808-379-3992 today. Or provide your information in the contact page.