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Are you searching for a handyman Honolulu company? There are many out there, but only one TubaFour Handyman. We provide reliable and professional handyman Honolulu services. One such service is chalkboard wall installation. So, what is a chalkboard wall? Well, it is a wall in a home or business, covered with a special paint that turns the wall into a chalkboard surface. You might have seen walls like this in cafes or restaurants, where the menu for the day or any specials are listed. But chalkboard walls are also an excellent idea for decorating the home. They are great for kids to get creative with, but they also work well to add elegance and organization to any room, whether it’s for children or adults. In addition, because chalkboard paint can be found in a range of colors, not just the basic black, it is versatile and can be a great addition to the décor in many different rooms.

Chalkboard Wall Creativity Spaces

Painting a single wall in a living room, office, or den a different, perhaps bolder, color can make a great statement by itself. Painting is definitely a service this handyman Honolulu company offers. But when that wall is also a chalkboard, the possibilities are endless. For a children’s playroom or a family living room, kids can get creative with chalk in many different colors, and parents never have to worry about too much of a mess. Since chalk isn’t permanent, cleanup is simple.

However, chalkboard walls are not just for kids. Adults can also use the wall as a place for creativity. For people who love to redecorate but may be on a budget, a chalkboard wall can help change the look and feel of a room often, without breaking the bank. Writing out favorite song lyrics in pretty lettering, creating maps of places visited, practicing drawing skills, or adding a tasteful design to the borders of the room are just a few things you can do with a chalkboard wall. Chalk also helps decorate for the holidays. Draw ivy leaves and snowmen during the winter, large golden-leafed trees and pumpkins during the fall, and bright flowers in the spring. Once the look starts to feel old, it can simply be wiped away and replaced with something new and fresh. Speaking of new and fresh, this handyman Honolulu company can help with your to-do tasks to freshen up the home or business.

Bedrooms hold many of the same possibilities as living rooms or office areas for chalkboard walls. Adults and kids alike can feel free to experiment with different drawings, all while keeping that art out of the more public areas of the house. For creative people, it can be a great way to try out new ideas.

Chalkboard walls also work well in guest bedrooms. You could draw something special and personal for each guest or leave a list of directions, such as where to find towels, what the weather’s going to be like, or when you’re serving breakfast in the morning.

Menus and Lists

Chalkboard walls are a great addition to kitchen or dining areas. They can be used to list out the menu for the day or week. People who love cooking can also get creative with how they present their menus by adding borders, noting what sides will be included, or even asking the family for their input for meal ideas. This is also an excellent way to add a bit of flair to parties. Let your guests know what’s being served that night, what appetizers are available, and what the wine or drink combinations are for the evening.

Menus can be interspersed with notes to family members, perhaps to remind someone to do something, or simply to tell people you care. Positive sayings or lyrics could also be added to a kitchen wall for a dash of cheerfulness in the morning.

Chalkboard walls also work very well for to-do lists. The kitchen is a great communal space to write out grocery lists, chores lists, or even to create a monthly calendar. And because chalk is so versatile, these lists or calendars can look exactly as you like. Even if that means that they look different each time you create one. Remember that chalkboard walls don’t have to take up too much space, unless you want them to. A smaller kitchen dividing wall works well for menus or lists, while a small section of wall is perfect for a monthly calendar.

Combing Chalkboard Walls with Art

Chalk doesn’t have to be used all by itself on every chalkboard wall. A wall that features many framed paintings or photographs is a great idea for a chalkboard wall. Paint the wall in a bold color, such as the classic chalkboard black, put the pictures back up, and use chalk to draw borders around the frames. Or add sayings, or create banners that let people know what theme the pictures share.

Chalkboard paint can also be combined with magnetic paint to make walls that you can not only write on but can have magnetic items hung on them. This makes redecorating or changing up styles and themes even easier and opens up a whole host of new creative opportunities.

Chalkboard Walls in Small Spaces

Sometimes small spaces such as bathrooms or tiny offices need a bit of flair. But adding in features can be challenging when the area you’re working with is small. Chalkboard paint makes that much simpler. Instead of trying to find the perfect mirror or wall art, draw your own. Don’t limit yourself. Draw in mirrors, doors, or even an outdoors scene to make a room feel larger and more welcoming. If any of this chalkboard talk sounds overwhelming, this handyman Honolulu company is just a call away.

Outdoor Chalkboard Walls

Indoors isn’t the only place for chalkboard art. Adding a chalkboard wall to a fence or the side of a shed is a great way to encourage kids to show off their art. Neighbors can get together and create something fun and collaborative. The best part is, cleanup simply means waiting for rain to wash away old designs.

Outdoor chalkboard walls are also a great idea for communities. Community gardens can use chalk to map out plots or list the different vegetables and fruits available for trade. Neighborhoods can use a chalkboard wall not only to draw on but to make suggestions. Examples include yard sale notices, or offer babysitting, handyman, or pet sitting services.

Whether inside or out, chalkboard walls are a great decorating idea for the home or business. At the end of the day, getting in contact with this handyman Honolulu company is the best way to receive quality service. Visit us at tubafourhandyman.com to request a quote or call or text 808-379-3992.